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Grateful mom names daughter after clinic

Lindokuhle Sefara's heart is full of gratitude after delivering her bouncing baby girl.

When Witkoppen Clinic introduced Tswelopele opt-in service in February last year, they had one vision – to make booking appointments for consultations easier for residents.

It has paid off and one of the patients Lindokuhle Sefara from Fourways, could not stop expressing her gratitude. She said she was able to give birth to her bouncing baby girl and it is all thanks to the service.

Sefara named her newborn Tswelopele. She said this is mainly because she experienced challenges before giving birth, however, the service gave her a leap of faith.

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Nadia Jantjies and Davindri Moodley.
Nadia Jantjies and Davindri Moodley.

“As my baby’s due date approached in January this year, I found myself experiencing labour pains and promptly headed to the clinic on January 23. Despite the severity of my discomfort, the nurses at one of the medical facilities I went to, informed me that I was not yet dilated and, unfortunately, sent me back home. As a first-time mother, I was overwhelmed, scared, and in pain.

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“In our distress, my husband contacted Witkoppen’s Tswelopele Booked in Clinic WhatsApp number to communicate our situation. Thankfully, Sister Vero from the reception promptly returned our call. After hearing about our predicament, she directed us to Sister Nadia, who has been a consistent source of support and guidance throughout our pregnancy journey. Sister Nadia advised us to proceed to Charlotte Maxeke Hospital.”

She said after enduring excruciating labour pains for over 24 hours, she underwent an emergency C-section. Her new bundle of joy was delivered safe and sound after being transferred to the hospital.

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Nadia Jantjies, Noluyolo Gosa, Veronica Maharla, Florence Rakoto, and Davindri Moodley.
Nadia Jantjies, Noluyolo Gosa, Veronica Maharla, Florence Rakoto, and Davindri Moodley.

“She is so healthy and strong. I am grateful to report that I also emerged safely from the ordeal. We continue to attend our monthly check-ups at the clinic, where we receive exceptional care from the compassionate and dedicated staff. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude for saving both me and my precious daughter.”

The corporate and government liaison of the clinic, Sbonga Shange said this is music to their ears because when the service was launched, they also wanted to eliminate the inconvenience of early mornings and long queues with the service.

He said it has since garnered significant popularity among patients, who value its convenience.

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