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IN PICS:Fourways residents make their mark

Some voting stations got off to a rocky start however everything was quickly resolved and the process is running smoothly at Crawford International Lonehill and Fourways High School.

Fourways Review reporters made their way to voting stations this morning [May 29] as eager voters headed to the polls to make their marks.

The voting station at Fourways High School had a rocky start but everything was quickly resolved according to Ward 115 Councillor Mark van der Merwe.



Ward 115 Councillor Mark van der Merwe wbcourages locals to come and make their mark at the Fourways High School. #imademymark#saelections2024 #saneedsyou #caxtonlocalmedia #caxtonjoburgnorth

♬ original sound – Caxton Joburg North

Residents were asked their opinion on the election turnout and this is what they had to say:

Nickki Lin: I think this year’s voter turnout will probably be lower because many people did not register to vote especially those under 22.
Mario Landman: I think this year’s voter turnout will be high, it is time for change and I believe everyone wants to see change.
Pontsho Maheso: I think this election turnout will be low because am only seeing mature people in the lines, I don’t see many young voters here.
Mpho Maheso: Judging from the lines it is just constant numbers of people coming in, I think we are looking at about the same turnout as previous years.

Crawford International Lonehill also started with difficulties. Ward 94 councillor David Foley said the IEC machines had a network issue but everything had been resolved.



Ward 94 Councillor David Foley assures residents that everything is running smoothly after hiccups this morning. #imademymark #saelections2024 #saneedsyou #caxtonlocalmedia #caxtonjoburgnorth

♬ original sound – Caxton Joburg North

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