Music school to be turned in dance and drama

LONEHILL – Something vibey is about to hit Pineslopes!


Music, dancing and acting hopefuls are called upon to join a performing arts academy which will open at the new GodFirst Fourways venue at the Forrest Road Design and Decor Centre in Pineslopes.

The prominent and popular local music school, Ross Howard Music, is now diversifying into dance and drama and will boast the most esteemed teachers in the country.

“In the light of our success in music training, we are excited to bring Fourways exceptional training in all three of the performing arts. Fourways is home to many youngsters and adults who previously often had to go to other suburbs for specialised training in dance and drama.

“We are now in a position to provide expert training in all of the performing arts fields right here in the heart of Fourways,” Howard said.

Heading the dance department, Pinto Ferreira who has is a PhD in Performing Arts and teaches modern jazz. Ferreira said, “Optional examinations are entered into through DancePro International, a revolutionary new dance syllabus endorsed by the Commonwealth Open University in the UK.

“The syllabus combines the fundamentals of traditional training with the latest developments and trends within the dance industry.”

Hip-hop dancers will enjoy the opportunity to follow hip-hop legend and international judge André Carlitz’s cutting-edge WX Hip Hop Street Development.

Howard said the open classes for youngsters and adults are offered to those who prefer to dance simply for the enjoyment and fitness benefits thereof. “Having fun is a critical given!”

Dancers who wish to enter for dance competitions and eisteddfods can have their dance numbers choreographed by prominent and experienced choreographers.

The drama department showcases professional actress and drama lecturer Teri Scott. Optional examinations are entered into through Trinity College.

Scott focuses on both acting as a performing art form and the development of confidence and self-presentation through drama.

Details: 083 233 6660; info@rosshowardmusic.com


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