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Germiston author gets big recognition at Emerge Africa Awards 2024

The winning book “Diary of a Braamie” began as a blog during the Covid pandemic.

Germiston’s very own Lincoln Maoka was crowned best author at the Emerge Africa Awards 2024 held on April 6.

This accolade follows after his recognition last year, by the AfriCan Honoree Authors Awards, for his contributions to literature and storytelling.

The winning book Diary of a Braamie began as a blog during the Covid pandemic.

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“During the Covid lockdown, I finally had the chance to start writing. I began with a weekly blog, which was like comfort reading for everyone stuck at home. A year later, I turned it into a book. Braamfontein is always buzzing.

“I’m very introverted, I keep to myself, and I think that makes me pretty observant. You can imagine all that I’ve seen in Braam,” said Lincoln.

He said Braam inspired him to write the book.

Lincoln Maoka was crowned best author at the Emerge Africa Awards 2024.

“I have witnessed several events in Braam.

“From the Fees Must Fall protests to wild parties and crazy scandals. I thought this had to be documented, whether as a book or a documentary. Braam deserves its own story,” said Lincoln.

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He said this win is an affirmation that hard work does pay off. “This win showed me that there’s a community out there who believe in me and are willing to support my journey as an author.

“This win made me a two-time winning author.”

The young author said he was never into writing at first but his literature teacher always praised him for his work. “My teacher praised me for my writing both in Afrikaans and English.

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“One day, I saw a writing competition on Facebook hosted by the FunDza Literacy Trust. The prize was R2000 for a 1000-word story, so I thought I could do it.

“As I started writing, I knew I was going to win. I ended up as the runner-up. The following year, I entered another FunDza writing competition and won. They took me in as a mentee writer, and I wrote my first long story,” said Lincoln.

He said the journey has been amazing and the book has been well received.

“Diary of a Braamie is hilarious. It’s a series of short, fun stories that have inspired people who don’t usually read to finish a book. It’s a fun way to discover what varsity life is all about.

“I’m hesitant to say it’s educational, but many readers find it very educational and have recommended it to high schoolers.

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“There was such a demand that I even wrote a school edition, although it’s a bit explicit. It’s a great tool for those planning to go to varsity, a trip down memory lane for alumni, and something current students and Braamies can relate to,” said Lincoln.

He said he hopes his story inspired upcoming writers who to push for their dreams.

“Just start putting pen to paper. Start typing once you get going, there’s no stopping. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to share your work,” said Lincoln

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