Elsburg boxer ready to face opponent in the upcoming fight

"The match is dedicated to my family, and my father especially."

Piete ‘Thunder’ Coxen, a seasoned martial artist and coach from Elsburg, eagerly anticipates his upcoming Titan Bare Knuckle Boxing title match against Rodrique Kena.

With extensive experience in boxing, EFC, and now bare-knuckle boxing, Coxen will compete for the middleweight championship belt in July.

In a recent interview with GCN, Coxen expressed his dedication to his family, particularly his father.

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“Since I was a child, I promised my father I would win him a title. This is my first opportunity to keep that promise.

“Winning in front of my family would be an honour and an inspiration to my students at the gym and the community,” Coxen said.

Coxen has been rigorously preparing for months, treating this fight with the utmost seriousness.

“I train hard as if this is my last fight. I treat each fight as the hardest fight yet to come,“ he stated.

Reflecting on his opponent, Coxen noted their shared history from their EFC careers.

“We never met in the ring, but I know he is a heavy hitter like myself. He won his last fight with a first-round knockout.

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“I also won my last two matches with first-round knockouts; my last fight lasted just 35 seconds,” he remarked.

He expects the upcoming match to be an intense and thrilling encounter between two powerful fighters known for their knockout abilities.

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