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Cute adoption campaign unveiled for senior pets

Adorable LinkedIn profiles have been created for the senior animals available for adoption at the Animal Anti-Cruelty League based in Hammarsdale.

DURBAN-based creative agency The Hardy Boys has recently partnered with Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL) with an aim to raise awareness around the benefits and value of adopting senior animals.

Sarah Nixon-James, the director of the creative agency, said this proactive campaign came after observing that senior dogs and cats in shelters are not usually chosen first.

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“On LinkedIn, pet lovers will find newly created profiles for some of the AACL Durban and PMB’s most highly qualified and adorable senior ‘pawfessionals’, each boasting their experience in cuddling, napping, fetching, comforting and showing off their years of being the perfect pets. We love the idea of giving these pets a face and voice on social media and highlighting their best attributes in a fun way to show South Africans the appeal of investing in a senior pet, and the value that they can bring to people’s lives,” said Nixon-James.

The director added that the idea is to create something memorable, and quickly, that would help these animals come to life for anyone that sees their profiles. She said: “Our hope is that the pets’ profiles will be widely shared on social media platforms, and hopefully, that will result in some happy adoptions.”

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One of the available pets at the shelter is Storm, the German shepherd cross who is described as ‘Senior Logistics Manager’ and who can catch whatever you throw at her. She has been called the best in her field.

Meanwhile, 12-year-old ginger Oliver excels in his role as ‘Senior Sleep Therapist’ who has perfected the art of the cat nap, and he is known for his unique ability to always find the comfiest spot. The featured LinkedIn profiles represent just some of the senior animals available for adoption at the Durban and PMB AACL branches based in Hammarsdale, and anyone interested in adopting them can reach out via their LinkedIn profiles or contact the branch directly.

David Rogers, a general manager at AACL, said: “It has been great fun working on this campaign with The Hardy Boys. It is wonderful to see our senior pets getting the attention they deserve. We hope to see more of our elderly pets find forever homes as a result of this super cute campaign.”

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