Beware of criminal activities, say Pinetown police

Police urged people to be vigilant, especially in the Pinetown CBD.

THE festive season is upon us, and Pinetown police have warned the public about the many criminal activities that are taking place.

Pinetown SAPS communications officer Captain Bongumusa Manqele urged the community to be vigilant in everything they are doing, especially in the CBD.

Manqele said they want to sensitise the crimes that are on the increase in Pinetown.

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According to Manqele, the snatching of cellphones cases are on the increase, especially in the CBD.

He also warned the community to not carry large sums of money in their possession and also not to entertain those scammers who drop money on the ground.

“To all those who are playing stokvels, we urge them to transfer money to their bank accounts and not to carry cash because it is not safe. We are appealing to women when they are carrying their bags to ensure that the bag is in front, not at the back so that criminals will not be able to open the zip and steal their belongings.

“Cases of motorists being robbed are also on the increase. Motorists are urged to close their windows when approaching intersections,” said Manqele.

He urged victims to report these crimes and open cases.

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