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Westville environmentalists gather to share knowledge

Environmentalists enjoy a day of learning the ‘Farming God's Way’ method, which is a food-growing method that preserves the soil.

WESTVILLE environmentalists gathered on Friday, April 12, to share their knowledge with each other. The group was made up of indigenous plant lovers, recyclers, Westville residents and their gardeners.

Hosted by Carol Lovemore, the aim of the gathering was to raise awareness about ‘Farming God’s Way’. According to them, it is a Biblical phenomenon that encourages management and solutions for agricultural communities to eradicate poverty with what God has provided.

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In the gathering, the group discussed topics such as making compost using the Farming God’s Way method. The group also shared why it is important to take care of the soil and what to prevent when doing that. This can be done by reducing:
– raking
– burning
– removal of leaves

The topic of mulching, which is putting leaves and grass cuttings back on the soil, was explained. This protects the soil from being washed away in the rain; it keeps the moisture in the soil, and it softens the soil, which allows the earthworms to make tunnels so a soil sponge is formed.

The day ended with a tour in the garden where members of the group demonstrated to each other various methods of keeping soil nourished.

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