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Star College tournament raises young soccer stars

The soccer tournament was aimed to promote physical activities and skills development in a fun and competitive environment.

UPCOMING soccer stars gathered to showcase their talent at a soccer tournament recently. Hosted by Star College and Grasshopper Soccer, the soccer tournament saw various teams of boys and girls from 12 schools who were provided the platform to showcase their soccer talent.

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The tournament director, Jeremy Peters from Grasshopper Soccer, said the purpose of the tournament is to promote physical activity, teamwork, sportsmanship and skills development in a fun and competitive environment.

“It’s also an opportunity for children to socialise, build confidence and learn valuable life lessons through sports.”

The day was filled with lots of fun as they hosted various soccer matches simultaneously between the various teams.

“The soccer tournament was a tremendous success as the number of supporters exceeded 1 200. It was also a success in terms of organisation and providing a platform for young talents to showcase their skills,” said Peters.

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Winners – Girls
U11: Atholl Heights
U13: Alfalaah

Winners – Boys
U9: Lyndhurst
U11: Wyebank
U13: Lyndhurst

Star Cup 2024 – various participating schools with girls and boys from the U9, U11 and U13 divisions:
Star College, Alfalaah, Lyndhurst, Wyebank, New Germany, Berea West, Grasshopper Soccer, Westville Junior, Parkside, Sarnia and Atholl Heights.

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