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Young Westville entrepreneur worms her way into business

Seven-year-old Emma Smoolas is selling silk worms to the community of Westville.

BUSINESS is booming for seven-year-old Westville entrepreneur Emma Smoolas with her silkworm trading. The young animal lover was introduced to her small business when her parents bought her the silkworms in 2020 to keep her busy during the level five lockdown.

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Emma’s mother Ina Robbertse said: “In 2021, the worms grew and multiplied. There was a toy sale coming up, and she wanted some money. We decided to sell them, the business grew, and we decided to continue with it,” she said.

Robbertse said it was no surprise that her daughter enjoys the silkworm business as she is an animal lover. “She loves to rescue bees and other insects from the pool and is not afraid of spiders or any creepy-crawlies. She is also very gentle,” she said.

Robbertse said Emma is responsible for taking care of the silkworms, and her parents are always around to help her with her business. “We’re happy for her to have the business. It’s teaching her some really good habits – that’s what we want for her,” she said.

She said the business was well received by the community and neighbours. “The community reacted in a very supportive way. I had neighbours and community members opening their gardens to us for extra leaves for feeding the worms, as well as for the habitat,” she said.

Speaking to the Highway Mail, Emma said she is happy to let people have fun with the silkworms as much as she is.

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