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Partnership project to reduce backlog of hip- and knee-replacement surgeries

Through the partnership of the Department of Health, Busamed and the private sector, the key role-players believe a significant impact can be made on the quality of so many lives for years to come.

THREE patients were beaming with smiles following successful hip-replacement surgeries done at Busamed Private Hospital.

Daniel Naidoo (48), Dumisani Shangase (46) and Ntombizodwa Mangala (42) were special guests at the Busamed Private Hospital in Hillcrest which launched a public-private partnership project with the Department of Health and Arthroplasty Solutions Trust.

Naidoo said he was grateful to be part of this project.

“I believe that after this surgery, my life will take a turn for the better,” he said.

Recalling his journey, Naidoo said he woke with pain in his left hip in 2015, and he was transported to RK Khan Hospital.

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“I was not injured or anything; I am not sure what caused my left hip to be dislocated. From 2015, I attended RK Khan Hospital for medical care up until 2020 when I was referred to Chief Albert Luthuli Hospital. I was treated and given a date for November 2023 to do surgery.”

Naidoo said the surgery was moved forward to May 2023 as he had some complications and became very sick.

“I then had to do another surgery on my right hip and was given a date in 2026.”

The grateful Chatsworth resident said he feels such relief after the surgery. “I am 100% better,” he said with a smile.

As an unemployed individual with no medical aid, he said he was very happy to be chosen to have an early surgery.

“I have been suffering for years, and I truly feel blessed to have been treated at this top-notch hospital. It is like I had gone to heaven and returned,” he said, adding that the doctors, nurses and the hospital staff were very good to him.

Being unable to walk properly had a negative impact on Naidoo’s life.

“For years, I could barely do anything. I have been struggling as I could not go and look for a job. With the surgeries now both done, I am hoping that I can get my life back on track. I would like to emphasise that all the people involved in this should be blessed and live many years so they can continue helping other people like me,” he said.

The Premier of KwaZulu-Natal, Nomusa Dube-Ncube said this partnership started in March 2024 after the Industrial Development Zone committed seed-grant funding to enable the partners, KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health, Busamed and Arthroplasty Solutions to demonstrate and advance the value proposition potential of this project. To date, approximately 10 people have benefited from this partnership.

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“This medical procedure will certainly improve the lives of countless individuals. Whether it’s the hip, knee, shoulder or other joints, this surgery offers a new lease on life, restoring mobility, reducing pain and enabling individuals to reclaim their independence and participate actively in the economy,” said the premier.

Dube-Ncube noted that this partnership will assist government in reducing the backlog of patients waiting for low-risk hip- or knee-replacement surgery. It is reported that thousands of patients are waiting to have their hip- or knee-replacement surgery. The waiting period is estimated to be over two years. However, this groundbreaking initiative will reduce the waiting time to a few weeks.

She applauded the vision, compassion and generosity of the lead arthroplasty surgeon, Dr Michiel Ter Haar, who has offered this surgery without charge.

“In this regard, we wish to applaud Dr Ter Haar and partners and Busamed for its ingenuity and creativity in working with the public sector to ensure that this project comes to fruition. Special credit goes to the Founder of Busamed, Dr Diliza Mji, for being a catalyst for this project and for championing it.”

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