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Elections 2024: Social media opinions on the elections

We compiled a collection of posts from TikTok and Instagram about the 2024 elections as numerous social media users have shared their advice and opinions online ahead of the 2024 South African elections.

AN interesting phenomenon that has come about with the dawn of the digital age is people’s participation in political conversation online. Social media users can now share their opinions about the upcoming South African elections, debate important issues and offer advice to fellow voters across various apps and platforms.

South Africans have taken their frustrations, apprehensions and opinions online, and conversations about which party deserves the most support, the pros and cons of each party and summaries of party manifestos have been ongoing for months. It seems now, more than ever, people can make their voices heard and, with the help of the internet, have become more active players in the political zeitgeist.

We collected some videos made by fellow South Africans sharing their opinions and reacting to the 2024 South African elections.

Disclaimer: Caxton Local Media does not endorse or agree with the opinions shared in any of the videos included in this article. The videos were chosen based on their popularity, engagement and educational content matter.

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Instagram user @lyniqueodendaal encourages voters to make their voices heard and explains the voting process:


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A post shared by Lynique Odendaal (@lyniqueodendaal)

Instagram page @politicallyaweh posted a video starring @kgcomic who offers his opinion about the election manifestos:


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A post shared by Politically Aweh (@politicallyaweh)

Instagram user @darrencampher shares how he decides who to vote for:


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A post shared by Darren Campher (@darrencampher.com_)


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TikTok user @mo.rammela posted a summary of the party manifestos, using the Daily Maverick as her source:

TikTok user @tamijackson_za shares why she’s voting on May 29:

TikTok user @blxkgoat shares the pros and cons of each party:



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