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Educating the community of Molweni about recycling

The Molweni Recycling Centre believes that educating the community about recycling will bring about positive change in the community.

THE Molweni Recycling Centre hosted a clean-up campaign that was aimed at educating the community about the importance of recycling.

The centre is the brainchild of Colleen Mncwabe who saw a need for a recycling centre after Molweni was affected by the 2022 floods. A few years later, the centre serves by collecting recyclables in Molweni and surrounding areas, providing jobs for the youth.

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Speaking to the Highway Mail, Mncwabe said the recycling centre also aims to tackle the issue of unemployment.
“We have young people who are qualified and are not getting hired. With such projects in the community, we are trying to encourage young people to get involved and try to make a living for themselves and empower themselves with relevant knowledge,” she said.

Mncwabe said the programme is packed with knowledgeable speakers. “It is important to impart knowledge to the community so they know exactly why it is important to take care of the environment and also understand the consequences of not doing so,” she said.

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The clean-up campaign also served to address the issue of children’s safety.
“Another problem with the litter in the community is how children who play in the area are exposed to it and could possibly fall sick. When we make the effort to keep our area clean and recycle, we are creating a safer space for our children to play,’ she said.

The campaign ended with a cleaning walkabout in the community.

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