Watch: Call the fire brigade, there’s a lion stuck in a tree!

A young lion's adventurous spirit landed it in a precarious position… but luckily, after a few pitiful mewls for help, only its pride was hurt.

Cats being stuck in trees is as common as braai smoke rising on a Saturday afternoon in South Africa, but one rarely hears a call to the fire brigade to get a big cat (and I mean one of the biggest cats of them all) out of a tree.

One unlucky cat would’ve probably benefited from the fire brigade’s skills and equipment.

In a clip shared on BBC Cymru Wales’ Facebook page, a young male lion is seen where it probably shouldn’t be: Up high in a tree.

The lion, reported to be from the Marsh pride of the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, was captured on video for the BBC Earth documentary Dynasties.

Here’s what happened:

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