Second consecutive clean audit for Ekurhuleni Metro

The mayor of Ekurhuleni, Mondli Gungubele, has congratulated staff and managers for achieving a clean audit for the second consecutive year.

“This is really good news for the people of Ekurhuleni,” he says.

“This accolade from the auditor general is an indication that we are serving the people of this area well and we are extremely proud that the city has achieved this feat twice in a row.”

He adds that the metro has now proven that what they achieved in the 2013/14 financial year was no fluke.

“We shall continue working very hard to ensure that clean audits become a norm in this institution.”

Gungubele credits the political leadership and the management of the city for this accomplishment.

The auditor general indicated that the city and five of its entities had received a clean audit outcome.

The East Rand Water Company is the only entity yet to achieve a clean audit.

“Management is working hard to address all the issues raised by the auditor general.

“A clean audit gives practical meaning to the constitutional rights of citizens to expect a clean, transparent, accountable local government by exposing financial practices of municipal management to scrutiny, oversight and possible sanction,” Gungubele says.

The auditor general provides an independent audit of how municipalities manage public funds.

If audits were not conducted and results published, the public would have no idea of what was going on with the management of municipal finances.

Ekurhuleni’s city manager, Khaya Ngema, says it was always difficult to raise the bar from the previous year and to guard against regressing.

“The management of Ekurhuleni has once again demonstrated that sound use of public resources is of paramount importance.

“The clean audit outcome is testament to the hard work and late nights of ensuring that we serve the people of this city prudently and efficiently,” Ngema concludes.

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