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Spend wisely this Christmas

Don’t spend too wildly during this Christmas holiday.

The Christmas holiday is also known among many people as the “silly season”.

A season where the year’s morals and goals are swept under the rug or thrown out of the window.

Diets are forgotten and budgets have no hope as gifts are bought and specials are “abused”, when buying doesn’t end and family members come to visit.

Then it’s restaurant meals and a fun day out in the town or treating the family to an amusement park.

The possibilities and opportunities for spending money left, right and centre are endless and around every corner.

Be aware of overspending during the holiday and remember, it is a very long month until the next pay day.

Budget careful and be strict when the budget is limited, it is not always possible to do everything the heart desires and times are tough for most of the South African population.

Be creative and make Christmas gifts instead of buying them, this will not just be less expensive, but will also make the gift that much more special to the person who receives it.

When a big meal was made that could feed a village, eat leftovers and make something different with it, there are many possibilities.

Stay away from buying unnecessary or too expensive gifts, this will cause trouble for you when the new year starts.

Of course Christmas is a time to celebrate with family and friends and be joyous, another year of hard work has passed.

Instead of spending money frivolously, spend time with close family and friends by playing card games, board games or any other fun family games.

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