How resourceful are you?

Exercise and stretch your brain so that it can give you maximum outcome.

I’m Veli Ndaba – ‘The NeuroEngineer’. I’m all about transforming minds from a place of mental darkness to a place of mental light.

A place of mental darkness is that place where we live our lives far below our full potential. The main reason this is happening is simply because we don’t know of the unbelievable brain power we carry within us which unfortunately remains untapped.

Because of this, we end up embracing values and beliefs that keep us in the dark. This is what I call mental darkness.

Moving away from this mental darkness requires that you understand how the brain works and why it works that way. You see, one important lesson engineering taught me was not just to know how to use the mathematical equation but to know how it is derived from first principles to help you understand its source.

We have powerful machinery between our ears and this is called the brain. The lack of understanding of this powerful machinery leads us to think that we need more resources to be successful in life. The main source of our frustration is that we know we deserve much better but we don’t know how to achieve that.

We see this frustration in communities and workplaces where wrong methods are adopted by people just to gain power and then abuse it. I was born to help people understand themselves better by understanding their most powerful resource called the brain.

When you understand this resource you were born with, you learn to become resourceful because it is the one that creates and processes our thoughts, ideas and emotions.

The brain is the seat of everything we do. It starts by learning something about the brain such as how it evolved and why it works the way it does.

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