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Wavy beach wind-blown hair made simple

Love that beachy, wind-blown look?

With these simple tips, you can rock the look this December without having to go to the beach.
* Get your hair wet and pat it dry with a towel. You can either shampoo and condition your hair or just use a spray bottle to get it wet, then pat gently with a towel. You want it to be damp but not soaking wet.
Some people get better results with hair that hasn’t been washed in a couple of days. The natural oils produced by the scalp can help give hair that tousled, textured, beachy look.
* Apply some curling cream to your hair. This is especially useful if you have just shampooed and conditioned your hair. Smooth some curling cream from the roots to the tips while your hair is still damp.
* Divide your hair into two sections. Divide it the same way you would if you were creating pigtails, into two equal sections at the base of your neck. Twist the sections together. Twist them tightly, starting at the base of your neck and ending at the tips of your hair. Secure the twist with a rubber band. If you have very thick hair, divide it into four sections and twist the sections together in pairs. Clip the end of the twist to the top of your head. Use a hairpin or a hair clip to clip it to the top of your head.
* Let your hair dry completely. You can go to sleep and let it dry overnight, or wait four to six hours to let it completely dry during the day. If you take out the twists while they’re still wet, the waves will fall out.
* Undo the twists. Let your hair loose and gently run your fingers through the waves to give them some body.
* Apply hair spray to keep your waves in place all day long.

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