Pack Your Suitcase Like A Burrito

Packing all the right stuff to ensure your suitcase and bags don’t break at the seams or even worse, become too overweight to board, can be a hard feat. Why not try the burrito method?

There are too many broken suitcases, abandoned wheels and sad faces who have to pay fees for being overweight at airports and stations during this festive season. To eliminate these unwanted headaches, try the burrito packing method by following six easy steps.

Step 1: Lay down all your clothes on the bed before you pack them into your suitcase.

Step 2: To create a shell for your burrito, start laying out your light jackets or shirts with the collar down.

Step 3: Layer your clothes with the shirt/jacket collars facing each other in the north, south, east and west directions.

Step 4: Layer your pants on top of the shirts/jackets facing north, south, east and west.

Step 5: Take your underwear, socks and belts and place them in the centre of the clothing burrito and wrap (not fold) each layer starting with the pants over the socks and underwear.


Step 6: Wrap the next layer on each side (NSEW) over each other smoothing the clothes as you go to prevent wrinkled clothes until it looks like a burrito. Now put it inside your suitcase and you have a burrito.


Well Done! You Deserve a Holiday!

giphy (1)


Watch the the video below to see how it’s done in real time and leave your packing worries at home. Happy Holidays.


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