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Benefits of joining a society group

Kwatsaduza – Over the years, Africans in the townships have formed the culture of saving together through society groups for various reasons.

These include saving to have extra money over the festive season, to buy groceries or for burial, among other things.

A new society has shifted its focus onto meat and dairy products, which is providing a new option for society fanatics.

One of the executive members of a local scheme in Kwatsaduza, is Granny Nhlapho, who says people normally concentrate on buying dry groceries over the festive season, which leaves the fridge empty.

“This means most of us end up using our bonus money or salaries to buy meat to accompany these groceries.

“Seven years ago, 15 community members came together and started this exciting venture, and, to date, we have about 170 members,” says Nhlapho.

She adds that through joining such an initiative they are able to save a lot of money as the products they share last until the Easter holidays.

“When you buy as a group, you have more buying power and are able to get better deals than if you are alone, as you are able to negotiate.

“We encourage other people in our communities to join in on such initiatives, as society groups are helpful in the long run,” she says.

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