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Residents must take care of their neighbourhoods

Residents around Kathorus should take a cue from what the community of Moshoeshoe Section in Katlehong regarding what they are doing to improve conditions in their neighbourhood.

I wish to applaud the community of the Moshoeshoe Section for the commendable work they have done to make their suburb one of the cleanest sections in Katlehong.

Of course, the improvements in the area were not achieved through wishful thinking, but through hard work and the cooperation and collaboration of all the residents.

It obviously took the entire community a lot of time and planning to coordinate and implement such an achievement.

Because of working together, the residents of Moshoeshoe Section have managed to turn their neighbourhood into the envy of their neighbouring suburbs.

Townships around Kathorus need more leaders in their communities with a vision and foresight to help them improve their lives in the areas where they live. Residents of Kathorus should not always expect the municipality and the government to give them handouts.

Personally, I believe we should all look up to the residents of the Moshoeshoe Section and applaud them for making a difference in their lives. The Moshoeshoe community used their own means and efforts in the clean-up operations established to make a difference and turn their neighbourhood into the envy of their neighbours.
We should all remember that cleanliness is next to godliness.

Residents must roll up their sleeves and work together to turn their own residential areas into better living spaces for the sake of the future of their children.

Gladwin Mkhonza, Redruth, Alberton.

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