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Robbery victim lambastes hospital

Victim accuses Thelle Mogoerane Regional Hospital health workers of negligence following poor service complaints.

Following the fatal robbery that led to the death of a 55-year-old on Easter Sunday, church members expressed disappointment and frustration over the poor service delivery at Thelle Mogoerane Regional Hospital (TMRH) on March 31.

The 55-year-old woman was shot and killed during the Easter weekend church service hosted by Vision of God at Ext2, Vosloorus.

Two other church members, a woman and the pastor, sustained bullet wounds after the robber shot them at about 03:00 in full view of the congregation comprising children and old and young congress members.

According to Kamogelo Motladi (a witness, and not her real name), after the shooting, they rushed the victims to TMRH, where they met unwelcoming health workers with straight faces.

She said apart from the tragedy they had just experienced, what hurt the most was when the health worker told her that if she wanted help, she should carry the injured woman and put her onto the scanner machine without any personal protection equipment.

“At that point, I did not know where my life stood; blood covered my jersey and hands. She held on to me so that I did not let her go until she altered her last words to me, saying, “Oh Lord, why am I dying such a painful death?’ before she became unconscious,” said Motladi.

“I was crying. The nurses did not care. They remained seated and watched as I prayed. They did not even put her in the emergency room.”

She said when they later called around 11:00, they learnt she was still at casualty because the hospital had not moved the woman to a ward.

“The bullet hasn’t been removed from her body. I am talking about a person who stopped talking because of pain.”

Motladi demands the Department of Health take action against the health workers.

TMRH communication assistant director Joseph Monaheng said the hospital was unaware of the allegations. He said the hospital has a system for triaging patients according to the severity of their conditions.

“The complaint is being investigated to determine if there was any negligence and to identify the people involved. We will make the decision based on the investigation’s outcome,” said Monaheng.

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