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Famsa marches against violence

Famsa hosted a successful march with women and schoolgirls against violence against women.

Families South Africa (FAMSA) hosted a march on Friday last week aimed at showing the community women are important and major contributors to families.

Women from around Kempton Park gathered at the Famsa offices on Pascoe Avenue before the march. The theme for the march was all black with a touch of Africa.

Famsa also invited Grade 11 girls from Sir Pierre Van Ryneveld High School to take part in the march.They group marched with big banners labelled “Stop killing us” and many more. “Wathint’ abafazi, wathint’ imbokodo” (you strike the woman, you strike the rock) was the theme song for the march.

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After the march the national executive director, Naku Masuku, spoke to the women.

“Almost every week women are raped. We are disrespected and there is so much violence towards us. There is human trafficking in our communities. I urge the young ones to be careful and not be vulnerable,” she said.

“Women are strong. Since long ago, men left their families to work at mines and women were left to take care of the family. We have come a long way. We need to always support and remind each other that we are strong,” she added.

Also present at the march was Child Welfare Kempton Park representative Rebecca Moabelo, whose main focus was on high school girls.

“Let’s go to school and teach girls. Materialistic things can be taken away from you in an instant but no one can ever take away your education and knowledge. Let that be what builds you to be a strong woman, sister, mother and friend,” she said.

“You need to be your own person and do things for yourself because in many instances men think they have power over a woman because he provides everything for her. Don’t let that happen to you girls. Take our guidance as your mothers,” she added.

EMPD constable Moses Mello said they were more than happy to assist Famsa with this positive initiative.

A poet, Siphiwe Bhengu, recited a poem that showed them that not all men are vultures. The day ended with a light lunch and some goodies to take home.

If you have any inquiries or need family help, call Famsa Kempton Park on 011 975 7106/7.

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