Winnie Mandela Primary School celebrates career day

Winnie Mandela Primary School learn about different careers they can study.

Winnie Mandela Primary School celebrated career day where learners wore clothes symbolising their career of choice, on September 20.

The school’s life orientation (LO) educator, Franci Langa, said the career dress-up day was part of term three in the Gauteng’s schools curriculum.

She said schools get a memorandum from the district guiding them as to which days they can celebrate or observe the career day.

“In this way, learners are preparing themselves for a career of their choice.

“They had to do research to understand what the career they choose is all about.

These learners hope to be in the police one day.

“Today they were presenting their findings with regard to the career of their choices,” said Langa.

She said to assist learners with the research structure teachers gave them guidelines to make them understand available researching tools.

“We encouraged the learners not to find information from members of the community but to use the internet and community libraries to source relevant information.

“This helped them to acquire researching skills. This is not only going to benefit them now but it is also going to empower them in their careers too.

“This will enlighten and expand their knowledge in LO related issues,” Langa explained.

She said parents must support their children in everything that is related to their school curriculum.

“Know what your child is doing at school. Work closely with your child’s educators to produce responsible adults,” Langa added.

These learners hope to be lawyers one day.

Lebo Seloba (13) said she wants to be a paediatrician because she wants to help children.

“Most paediatricians are working in private practice. They work indoors in private rooms and at times they travel to visit patients in hospitals or at home and other healthcare centres,” Seloba shared information on the career of her choice.

Karabo Molokomme (12) said he wants to be a lawyer even though he has not met anyone who is a lawyer.

“This is a career I like and I will work hard to make sure that I realise my dream to become a lawyer.

“I will ask my parents to save up for my education so that I can further my studies after I complete matric,” said Molokomme.

These learners hope to do modelling one day.

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