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Local residents gatvol with contractors dumping rubble in Palmiet Street

Local residents are up in arms about the health hazard in the area caused by the roadworkers.

Residents of Kempton Park have expressed their frustration with the Ekurhukeni Municipality for failing to clean up the rubble left during roadworks in Palmiet Street.

They claimed that the area is being used as a dumping site, posing a health risk.

According to one of the residents staying close to the street, Laetitia Jones, she has tried to resolve the matter and has written to various authorities with no success.

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“We have a roadwork camp across the street from us, and they have been dumping some of the roadwork rubble on the land next to the camps. This rubble has been there for nearly a year. My question is why are they not removing the rubble and why haven’t they been fined yet? It’s also not safe for the residents who live on Palmiet Street, as there are plenty of places for highjackers to hide. Not to mention that our town is turning into a massive dumpsite.

“We lodged a complaint on May 24 regarding the matter at hand and the municipality promised us that the dumpsite would be cleaned in June. The month has passed and nothing has been done. All of the rubble is still in the same place and no effort has been made to clean it up, even after the construction company has claimed to have cleaned the site.

“This is unacceptable. I would like to know if these contractors were fined for this illegal dumping. Everyone has told me not to expect the municipality to do anything because all they do is talk and no action is taken. As ratepayers, we are gatvol living in a slum.

“I would appreciate it if the Ekurhuleni would keep its promises and assist us in clearing the dumped rubble. We want to be proud of our neighbourhood and town being clean and safe for all,” said Jones.

According to Julia Mosoane from Ntshiana Trading Enterprise, the rubble dumped by the workers of the company has been removed.

“Ntshiana Trading Enterprise has removed the rubble we dumped at this area. We have actually gone further into removing rubble that was not our portion to assist as far as we can,” said Mosoane.

The Express sent a request for comment to the City of Ekurhuleni on June 30, requesting comment by July 1 at 9am. At the time of publishing, no comment had been received.

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