Gauteng police commissioner visits Thembisa residents

“We are working on placing cameras in some areas of Thembisa to ensure that criminals are caught and brought to justice."

Gauteng provincial police commissioner Lieutenant General Tommy Mthombeni hosted a community imbizo at Tshepisa Primary School on May 3.

The event aimed to address issues the community is facing. Mthombeni also released crime statistics for Thembisa.

Stakeholders from prison warders, EMPD, Thembisa SAPS, and numerous community forums within the area joined the commissioner.

The statistics presented during the imbizo elaborated more on the crime hotspots in Thembisa and showed that Winnie Mandela Zones 10 and Four had the highest rates of crime.

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Brigadier Mpho Chakalani, who delivered the presentation, delved into the crime hotspots in the Thembisa area, explaining thoroughly what causes the rise of crime.

Mthombeni said the SAPS was working on improving ways to prevent crime.

“We have heard the responses from the community and community forums. Let’s work together to ensure the community feels safe. The government is working on taking the necessary steps to ensure that crime in Thembisa decreases.

“We are working on placing digital cameras in some areas of Thembisa to ensure that culprits are caught and brought to justice.

“We have heard your grievances and we are starting a new slate where we will curb crime in the area,” he said in his address to the community.

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“We urge the community police forums not to use blue lights for their work. Continuing to do so will be regarded as a criminal offence.

“The community forums play a serious role in the community, but we would appreciate it if they used the white lights allocated to them.

“This will help us identify those who break the law using our uniform and lights unlawfully to practice criminal activities,” said Mthombeni.

Thembisa SAPS Brigadier Cyril Nkuna said he was always available for the community.

“Everyone has access to me at any given time. My phone is always on and available to assist the community.

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“We are here with one common goal, and that is to see Thembisa being a crime-free township.

“I am willing to work with the community at any given time. If you have information and wish to protect your identity, feel free to communicate with me anonymously. Crime can also be prevented in this way and the community can also feel safer,” he said.

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