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Locals continue to support SANBS with blood donations

Pieter Bezuidenhout makes a remarkable 313th blood donation.

SANBS has been experiencing a blood shortage for a while now and needs more blood donations to increase the current blood stock levels, which are critically low.

One man, who is doing his bit of helping the SANBS fight their blood deficit, is Pieter Bezuidenhout.

The 67-year-old has been donating blood for the past 48 years.

Pieter Bezuidenhout before the blood donation.

On July 17, he made his 313th blood donation at the SANBS Blood Donor Centre in Kempton Park.

With his supportive wife Annekie by his side, Pieter spoke to Kempton Express.

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“I started donating blood in 1975, and I have not stopped since. It prompted me to donate blood when one of my colleagues lost their child in an accident.

“That child needed blood. It made me realise some people lose their lives because they need blood,” he said.

Pieter said he was nervous in the beginning because he did not know what to expect. Drawing blood with a needle intimidated him, but once he did it, it was easier to do it again.

“I had a back operation a while ago, and someone else donated blood to help me. It made me realise that donating is like giving someone another chance at life, and that is a blessing,” he said.

Annike, Pieter’s wife, was also a blood donor until she started experiencing problems with her health. She then had no choice but to stop donating blood.

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Pieter believes blood donors are real-life superheroes, and he wants to encourage others to donate blood and help save lives.

“My message to people scared of donating is that you should not be afraid. It is always scary the first time. Break the ice and you will be free from this fear,” he said.



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