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Make spring cleaning your child’s room fun

Spring cleaning your kid’s room may seem daunting, but it can actually be fun for both you – and your child!

Spring is in the air and that means that it’s time for a good old spring cleaning spree. Spring cleaning your child’s room doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can be fun for you and your child, who will enjoy helping mom and dad with sweeping, dusting, and decluttering.

The importance of spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is important to get rid of dust and other allergens that might have collected in and around your child’s bedroom over the past year. Make sure you dust off everything and clean out spaces that you generally just leave on normal cleaning days (like your child’s cupboards and toy boxes).

Also let your child’s pillows, cushions, and mattresses air out (and where possible, wash them) as these are dust collectors extraordinaire. While your child’s allergies might not go away, per se, they will not be tempted to flare up by triggers in your child’s own bedroom.

Decluttering your child’s room

Living amongst a lot of clutter causes your child to feel more stressed. We’re not saying to go full Mari Kondo on your child’s bedroom (although her method will certainly help you reboot their bedroom) but do declutter.

Decide what needs to be thrown away, what can be sold or donated to charity, and what can stay – and be ruthless and unsentimental about it. Remember that the things you’re selling and donating should still be in good working order – don’t dump your junk on someone else.

When you get to the things that you’ve decided to keep, find a place for each and every thing: this way there won’t be clutter as all the things can be stored in a specific place.

Making life easier

Getting some good spring cleaning done in your child’s room means that you will know what your child has and where it is, streamlining your life because having a place for each thing will make it easier to find and store everything.

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