Hino reignites the spark

Hino, not unlike Toyota, has proved unstoppable and its annual sales figures are the proof in the pudding.

Everyone is aware of the flood devastation the Toyota factory in Durban had to confront during April 2022. Well, Hino’s sales for 2022 are 9.4% higher than what they were in 2021.

It sold 3 333 vehicles in South Africa in 2022. Six hundred and six of these were of the 200 Series. The 300 Series sold 1 512 units (up from 1 421 in 2021) and Hino HCVs sold 995 units.

Hino lost 78 built-up trucks or completely knocked down (CKD) kits of components during the floods. Hino lost approximately 550 vehicles out of scheduled production before production restarted on May 23, 2022.

Pieter Klerck.

“2022 was a very tough year for Hino and I am delighted at the manner in which all those concerned, be they team members at the assembly plant or our loyal dealer network, made every effort to lessen the effect of the enforced shutdown and the result was that our sales and production results were far better than originally anticipated when we surveyed the extent of the flood damage,” commented Pieter Klerck, general manager of Hino SA.

“The cherry on top was our ability to keep up the high customer experience standards that have been a major feature of our success in recent years,” added the Hino SA executive.

Source: MotorPress

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