Drug infested street raided despite dealers tipped-off

The streets of Krugersdorp's drug capital were empty minutes before a planned operation took place.

Empty streets in the drug capital of Krugersdorp hit local police like a brick wall during a special operation.

Members of the Krugersdorp police, Sector 3 and 4 Community Policing Forum (CPF), Mogale City Traffic, Mogale City Health and Safety and other stakeholders descended on the dirty streets on a clean-up operation.

On arrival at Sivewright Street, which is notoriously known for it’s drug and prostitution trade, the group of crime fighters found nothing but dust and dirt on the normally ‘busy’ street that buzzes with eager drug dealers and desperate prostitutes ready to serve their clients.

'Ladies of the night' line up and later confess to being sex workers and doing drugs.
‘Ladies of the night’ line up and later confess to being sex workers and doing drugs.

A resident in the street confirmed that minutes before the group’s arrival they saw other police vehicles in the area talking to the foreign nationals and possibly giving them a tip-off of the operation which would explain the empty street.

Even the shops further down the road, taverns and stalls were closed minutes before the operation kicked off.

Nevertheless, it was a successful operation with a handful of statements, confiscations and arrests.

No mercy as police raid the drug infested streets of Krugersdorp.
No mercy as police raid the drug infested streets of Krugersdorp.

A condemned house, illegal electricity connections, drugs, sex workers and searches were the main feature points in the operation as police created awareness in the slums and slowly work towards eliminating the root of various problems, one drug dealer and prostitute at a time.

The residents told the News that they frequently see police vans in the streets picking up what looks like money and small plastic packets possibly containing drugs.

Residents in the area are urged to report such crimes to Colonel Luke Enslin on 011 951 1077.

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