[VIDEO] High school musical straight out of of Hollywood

Krugersdorp High School's annual senior musical enchanted audiences.

Lights, a News journalist’s DSLR camera and action!

Krugersdorp High School’s musical, Music was my first Love, was indeed a show-stopper during shows last week.

The production ran for four nights where the performers of the future had their voices heard.

The talented seniors all sang their hearts out to some famous tunes like Meghan Trainor’s All About That Base to John Legend’s All Of Me.

The audience sat firmly in their seats for about two hours, anticipating what will happen next.

The production was created by educator Tiekie Jansen van Rensburg and rehearsals already started at the beginning of the year. Months of hard work and dedication finally paid off as the production hit the stage.

“The inspiration for the story line was a combination of characters from the sitcom Friends and the movie Pitch Perfect,” Lauren Jooste-Coetsee, KHS’ marketing director, said.

“It is phenomenal to see the vibrant talent the performers have. True to the school’s spirit, the pupils have given their dedication and hearts to the performance.”

Jared Liebenberg sings his heart out.
Jared Liebenberg sings his heart out.

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