Fit to Fight Fire competition and Expo: Sakhile ready to be brave

Sakhile Mathenjwa is one of the local firefighters impatiently waiting for the second annual Fit to Fight Fire competition and Expo to kick off.

The Working on Fire (WoF) Kishugu Joint Venture has 15 firefighters from the Randfontein and Krugersdorp bases to partake in the second annual Fit to Fight Fire competition and Expo in Meyerton on May 25.

According to the general manager for WoF in Gauteng, Stephen Boyes, these firefighters were trained at Kishugu Training Academy, one of the leading training institutions that offer Southern Africa Emergency Services Institute (SAESI) accredited qualifications. He added it has a reputable record of training an estimate of thousands of wildland firefighters in South Africa.

Sakhile Mathenjwa is one of their firefighters impatiently waiting for the competition to kick off. He said it would help him test his fitness levels as a firefighter to match the best in the country.

“It will be my first time partaking in the competition which draws all the seasoned and experienced firefighters across the country. This is a massive event one cannot afford to miss it. This will give us an exposure and an experience to contest with the best firemen in the country,” he said.

Sakhile added this will prepare the crew for the winter fire season to endurance the herculean tasks ahead.

“We are pulling massive tyres, carrying fire extinguishers, and lifting heavy dolls. These are some of the activities which we are going to do during the competition,” he explained.

Sakhile continued to say the team is dedicated and ready to scoop the ultimate price at the end of the competition.

“We are underdogs but capable of upsetting the favourites in this competition. After the competition, they will stride straight into the winter fire season. We are working very hard to prepare,” he said.

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