Rand Water maintenance: Municipality reveals the exact dates for Mogale

Residents are advised to prepare for temporary water disruptions as the maintenance is carried out between June 22 and July 29.

Rand Water’s infrastructure will be undergoing extensive maintenance, resulting in a decrease in pumping on certain days.

The maintenance process will commence on June 22 and will conclude by July 29.

According to Rand Water, proactive infrastructure maintenance is important to preserve the quality and integrity of the infrastructure, reduce maintenance costs in the long term, and increase the life span of the infrastructure and assets. A maintained water infrastructure ensures an uninterrupted water supply for the current and future generations.

The Krugersdorp News approached Mogale City Local Municipality (MCLM) to find out what plans they have put in place to ensure that the consumers are not affected badly by this infrastructure maintenance as their water supply will also be affected.

“Since the municipality has challenges with its current storage capacity the need for consistent water flow into our water network from Rand Water our bulk water supplier is critical. Against this backdrop, the municipality is sincerely pleading with Rand Water ahead of time to ensure that their reservoir levels are filled before the scheduled maintenance work,” said Mogale’s communication officer, Kgothatso Molatlhegi.

Dates on which Mogale City’s water supply will be affected during the maintenance. Photo submitted.

Apart from the above, the municipality is working on putting together the following contingency plan to ensure uninterrupted water during the period:

• Water Awareness

The MCLM kicked off its water awareness campaign on the Rand Water Maintenance project and how users will assist in the bigger scheme of things to manage water availability. From awareness of restricted household use of water to limiting the use of water for absolute essentials will form part of the water-saving campaign which commenced on Monday, 10 June.

• Managed water storage

Consumers are encouraged to create their water storage capacity in case they run out. This storage, according to Kgothatso, will be used to gradually store water during the potential interruption.

• Increase in supply of water tankers

The Water Services team is exploring increasing the water tanker numbers through the procurement of additional water tankers to cover areas of shortfall.

• Throttling and Water-shedding

Managing the distribution of water determined by need will also be done in the form of throttling and water shedding, which means temporarily cutting off supply to certain areas where supply needs and consumption is not dire, to distribute to and supply areas where there is a greater need.

• Regular monitoring of water levels and working hand in hand with users

The municipality will regularly monitor their water levels to understand user needs and in this way better manage back-up distribution and supply requirements. This will also assist in guiding communication with users to ensure managed use that doesn’t negatively impact water availability.

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