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If I were the president for a day …

If you were given the power to change anything in SA, what would you change?

In the lead-up to the 2024 general and national elections, middle-aged voters seem to be expressing various concerns and different perspectives. The Krugersdorp News approached this demographic to find out what concerns they have.

They are reflecting broader national sentiments and specific issues that affect their communities, while many expressed their dissatisfaction with how issues are currently handled in their communities. When asked what they would do if they were to be president for a day, they shared what they would change and why.

Mava Madolo. Photo: Neliswa Sibiya.

Mava Madolo focussed on creating more job opportunities to take people out of poverty.

“I would reduce crime and ensure that all foreign nationals who live in South Africa have the legal documents to be here,” Mava further expressed.

Ntombizodwa Mhlongo added, “I would change the discipline of the learners and bring back corporal punishment, parents are not supportive of their children’s education.” She further mentioned that she would try to help people and learners from informal settlements because she can see how much they are struggling. She can also see parents not helping their children with homework which leads to the children spending more time on their phones instead of reading and doing their school work.

Yandisa Makalima. Photo: Neliswa Sibiya.

Yandisa Makalima reflected on the time when she used to be at school and said, “I would bring back compulsory conscription because it taught matric boys a lot of discipline and responsibility.” She added that she would make reading compulsory from Grade One so that children can learn how to read with understanding and also bring back prayer in schools because learners don’t pray anymore.

Zama Flatela. Photo: Neliswa Sibiya.

Zama Flatela said that she would ensure people have access to basic needs and services like healthcare, empower the youth, and eradicate crime and corruption.

“I would ensure that living conditions are improved,” she said.

Xolani Zwane. Photo: Neliswa Sibiya.

Xolani Zwane expressed concerns about the youth not participating in extracurricular services outside of school and said, “I would develop parks in communities so that young people can sharpen their talents like dancing, soccer, netball, and other sports.”

According to Xolani, developed parks would keep the youth away from drugs and alcohol because they would have something productive to do after school.

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