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National Elections: Understanding the priorities of residents (Part Two)

More Krugersdorp residents have their say about what should be prioritised by the government in power following the national elections.

With the national elections around the corner and with several problems needing urgent attention, the Krugersdorp News reached out to residents who wish to have their say about what they feel should be prioritised.

“We need a new governing party first and foremost. The country needs to be rebuilt and we need to get rid of crime and corruption,” Victor Corte said.

Gladys Mathabatha.

“I do not think we need a new governing party. The current government has a plan, and the only thing they can do is improve. The main thing they should prioritise is skills development. They should try to keep the developed skills inside the country so that we do not need to import so many goods. This will lead to a higher GDP. They should also start hiring people based on their skill and qualifications, not affirmative action,” Gladys Mathabatha argued.

Lucky Nhlenyama.

“There must be fresh blood in government. I want new ideas and I want to see new faces. I want a new government. They should prioritise steering the economy. They should start with employment and the rest will follow,” added Lucky Nhlenyama.

Bhekani Nkomo.

“I want a new party. The current government has been in control for the last 30 years and has brought no change in that time. The most important thing they should prioritise is job creation. They should also deal with crime,” believed Bhekani Nkomo.

An Afrikaans-speaking resident had the following to say:

Ruben Potgieter.

“Ons kort defnitief ‘n nuwe regerende party sodat hulle kan regmaak wat afgebreek is. Hulle prioriteit moet wees om eenheid onder die bevolking terug te bring. Hulle moet ook eerlik en deursigtig met die mense wees,” het Ruben Potgieter afgesluit.

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