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Firefighters show unwavering commitment

Their passion is to serve their community.

Not all heroes wear capes, and Krugersdorp firefighters are no exception.

For this reason, the Krugersdorp News decided to pay a visit to our town’s unsung heroes. When the News arrived at the Krugersdorp Fire Station, the employees began their shift with a prayer. After that, they were on standby in case of an emergency.

According to Station Officer Piet Legodi, when they are on standby, the staff usually check and test their equipment, ensure their vehicles are ready for emergencies and train to keep fit and in shape. He said that training and fitness are some of the most important parts of the job because it has an impact on all disciplines of rescue, including fire, water and road rescue. During the visit, one of the exercises was to lift a 25-litre container with a rope from the second floor.

Thabo Nkoe during training.

Piet says the reason most of the emergency services staff are firefighters, is for the love of the community. He added that all of them have a passion and dedication and that it forms a strong brotherhood between him and his colleagues.

“Our dedication is so strong, that some of the staff sometimes respond to international emergencies, like the earthquake in Haiti,” he says.

Vincent Naude times their training.

Emergency Service Official (ESO) Wiehahn Fourie has been working as an ESO since he finished school at 18. He says that the best part of the job is when people come to the station to thank them, which happens about 80% of the time.

Krollos Tshotetsi trains.

Another ESO, Thabo Nkoe, had his best experience on the job when they managed to rescue people from a motor vehicle accident. He says that when you save someone, the memory lasts forever, and it keeps motivating them.

Thabo Nkoe during training.

Thabo added there are also bad memories, and says that the worst is usually when children are involved, because they are helpless, and do not know how to react in an emergency.

“I chose this career because it is my passion. I will do this work until I die, due to this passion,” Thabo concluded.

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