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Fire erupts at oil mill in Boltonia

Serious damage to the oil mill after catching fire.

A fire broke out at an oil mill in the Boltonia area this morning, May 23.

According to Mogale City’s Emergency Services Regional Station Commander Gerhard Nieuwoudt, on arrival, they found a four-level sunflower plant on fire that partially collapsed.

Firefighters extinguish the fire at the oil mill.

“We started to extinguish the fire and provide protection so that the solvent plant nearby does not catch fire. The challenges were the water pressure, and electricity was not switched off as asked due to communication failure,” Nieuwoudt added.

The damage to the mill.

Nieuwoudt said that there were no casualties or injuries. As the Krugersdorp News visited the scene, it was clear that there was serious damage to the structure.

At the time of publication, the scene was still active.

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