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Munsieville finally gets a new police station

After years of waiting, residents of Munsieville finally have a new and revamped police station.

A Mogale City delegation led by Executive Mayor Danny Thupane and the MMC for Community Safety, Francis Makgatho, recently handed over the refurbished Munsieville Police Station to the police and community.

All key role-players attended the handover event and called for collaboration in looking after the satellite police station and making use of it to fulfil its intended purpose – ensuring a safer community.

On January 22, 2018, the Munsieville police came under attack from angry residents who torched police vehicles and the station in the township. On that day, residents from both Kagiso and Munsieville, who were supposed to meet and march to Krugersdorp, instead took to the streets in protest against drug peddling and human trafficking. The march was also linked to the abduction of a young woman from Kagiso by suspected foreign drug peddlers.

“Understanding the importance of law and order in our communities the municipality took on the responsibility to restore the police station, which is ready for furnishing, to be followed by occupation and operation. This restoration and completion also came at the right time with the escalation of crime in the community calling for a much closer located police station, and sterner intervention for law and order,” Thupane said.

While calling for members of the community to work hand in hand with the police, Brigadier Happy Xaba also stressed the fact that as much as the station was handed over to the police, the station will only operate once fully furnished and resourced, which the municipality is also currently working on.

With crime hindering community growth, people movement, socialising, and other important forms of community recreation, Makgatho pleaded with the community that the station must be used for its intended purposes and that any form of anger and disgruntlement be dealt with in a way that won’t destroy much-needed facilities.

Before concluding the proceedings in his keynote address, the mayor also appealed to the local community to avoid an incident like the one in 2018 and to protect the station, along with all other public amenities.

“These amenities may be government-run but they have been built, set up, and are operating to service community needs, meaning these assets belong to you the people of Munsieville. They should therefore be fully protected and preserved by the users and owners, which is the community of Munsieville,” Thupane added.

To ensure full operation of the station soon, the municipality continues working around the clock in collaboration with all role-players, including the police, ward councillors, and other community representatives.

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