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Shelter in Magalies changing one needy life at a time

The Quegal Restoration and Refuge Centre is doing its bit to serve the less fortunate community in Magaliesburg.

Quegal Restoration and Refuge Centre (QRRC) is a shelter that aims to help those in need and transform them into contributing members of society.

According to the CEO of the shelter, Quentin Koeberg, QRRC accommodates 60 homeless/ destitute people made up of women, children and men, and provides food, holistic counselling, and skills development training.

“Each beneficiary is accommodated for an estimated period of six months, and we have a high success rate of integrating these back into society as contributors,” Quentin added.

Beneficiary Rensha Els is part of the housekeeping team.

Quentin continued to say that the QRRC has been operational since 2017. Then, he identified the need for destitute and homeless people to have a place that could provide meals, accommodation, programmes, and skills development with the view of changing their mindset from being that of takers or beggars, to becoming contributors and assets in society.

“We realised this would take an estimated period of at least six months, and that a centre of this nature would have to be away from the temptations and distractions of city life, where this had some great success stories,” he said.

Praise Tabe is on the bakery team.

Quentin explained further that one of the top success stories was when they had a young homeless man who had found himself on the streets because of a drug addiction.

“His relationships with family were non-existent and they had to work on his rehabilitation which started with hygiene and overcoming the addiction. During his stay, they sourced his family members and when they visited and witnessed the change in him, the aunt offered to be his support when he exited the program. On exiting the programme, he completed studies in mechanical engineering, and today has a successful career, and recently purchased a brand new vehicle.

“QRRC has touched and changed the lives of these individuals who concluded that life was over for them. We believe that when we touch and change a life positively, it positively impacts up to four generations,” he added.

Sergio du Randt is also part of the bakery team.

According to Quentin, the biggest challenges they face are increasing costs of maintenance at the centre, the centre’s bakkie that is broken down, where they need to drive people to hospitals, clinics, and grocery runs weekly, with the fuel costs running into the thousands, where he has to use his vehicle. He added that their income is not enough to become fully self-sustainable.

Nicholas Nte is part of the agriculture team.

He also said that their goal is to become self-sustainable, where they have accreditation for farming and agriculture and are in the process of getting accreditation for barber, baking, and garment making, with the view of becoming a training centre to claim Sector Education and Training Authorities grants. He added that this will also enable beneficiaries leaving the centre to obtain employment with accredited certificates received during the programme.

“We need more donors and sponsors. If there is a company that can assist with solar power or similar. Donations of a single cab bakkie will be appreciated. We can accommodate 76 people so if we can find a sponsor for each person per month, it would greatly help. Donations of toiletries or food are welcomed. QRRC wants to be useful in changing communities for good, and we don’t believe anyone should have to live on the streets, or not have food to eat,” Quentin concluded.

If anybody wants to donate to QRRC, contact Quentin on 083 678 4100.

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