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Team n’Zuri on fire for Germany

Firefighters run 50km to raise funds for their big mission in Germany.

The Friends of Emergency Services (FES) hosted a fundraising run on behalf of the West Rand District Team n’Zuri on June 1.

According to FES member Dale Mac Rae, the funds raised will benefit Team n’Zuri, which will compete in the Toughest Firefighter Alive (TFA) competition in Germany later this year. This fundraiser took place at the Khosa Club.

Manie Gouws carries a dummy during training.

According to the team’s coach, Manie Gouws, team n’Zuri consists of 10 people. He added that during the fundraiser, they did a relay of 1km each, five times. This totals to 50km the team ran. On top of this, the firefighters ran in full kit, which included an oxygen tank, helmet and coat.

Dale concluded that gym members, running clubs and members of the public attended the run, to help raise funds.

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