Radio station and Brand SA ‘invade’ Monnas

Monnas will soon be repainted as a result of The School Invasion initiative.

The radio station, 947, and Brand South Africa recently visited Hoërskool Monument High School as part of an ‘invasion’ broadcast.

According to Ryan Jansen van Rensburg, executive producer for 947, schools participate in The School Invasion initiative and provide a list of requirements. The station then donates it to the school. The station travelled to Monnas to put up a portable studio from which they broadcasted.

Kurt Darren performed for the learners at Monnas.

In addition, Brand South Africa announced on its website that The School Invasion initiative is an ‘epic opportunity to ignite the spirit of Ubuntu and inspire young South Africans to contribute to positive change in our country’.

The school gathered around the studio singing, and cheering, while the team from 947 was broadcasting, and popular Afrikaans singer Kurt Darren even performed in front of the school.

CJ du Plessis, Kenzo Eicker en Hanco van Geelen during the broadcast.

“The atmosphere here is amazing,” Kurt said.

They gave Monnas the prize to have their school repainted at a later date. They will also supply the paint and involve the community to help paint the school.

Anele Mdoda during the broadcast.

“We do this to give back to the community, to show that we’re not just a voice on the radio,” Ryan added.

Radio presenter Anele Mdoda added it is great fun for the school, where she has never seen a school with such a balance between fun and discipline.

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