A not so happy birthday

Anonymous from Krugersdorp writes:

I borrowed my sister’s car in order to spend the evening with friends to celebrate my birthday.

Returning home I was travelling west on Ontdekkers Road. After crossing the Princess Crossing robot, I kept checking my rear-view mirror as I was in the right-hand lane and I intended to cross over to the left. There was only one vehicle (the bakkie that stopped) that was approaching the intersection around 100 metres behind and in the left lane. Within split seconds of taking note of the vehicles behind and to the side of me, I was rammed. At no time did I see the lights of the vehicle or the vehicle itself that hit me. The couple who witnessed the accident at 9.45pm, narrowly missed the black Golf GTI when it swerved in front of them as it weaved from lane to lane at a high speed. According to the paramedics a black Golf GTI was instrumental in three separate hit and runs on the evening of 18 April. I was the third accident.

To the Groblers who stayed until I was safely with friends, my deepest heartfelt thank you. To the young lady (CPF) thank you for the hug. It was much needed and appreciated.

If anyone has information about the black Golf GTI and/ or the driver please contact me. The Golf will have damage to the front right. My appeal also goes to the occupants of the bakkie that stopped to help me. I’m requesting the drivers who were involved in the earlier accidents on Saturday night get in touch with me.

To the paramedics, personnel from the Community Policing Forum, personnel of any tow truck organisation, in fact anyone who is involved in helping at an accident, brush up on the law before giving people advice. No matter the injuries, or lack thereof, in the event of a hit-and-run accident, the police are to be called to the accident scene. This is done so that the police can start looking for that vehicle immediately, as a charge of negligent and reckless driving will be laid against the offending driver. I only learnt this bit of info when reporting the accident. For vehicle owners who have insurance, a detailed report of the accident will be beneficial when submitting your claim and in the event of a court case it will strengthen the case against the offender.

Hopefully, this letter will not only benefit your readers with info regarding hit-and-run accidents, but may bring forth information to take this particular offender to court and hopefully off our roads for a long time.

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