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Dan violence suspects remain in custody

The criminal case of the gangsters believed to be responsible for the two recent Dan Village murders and attempted murder has been postponed

The suspects were appearing for the third time at the Ritavi Magistrate court on Monday.

Only four of the 15 arrested suspects managed to take the stand and gave reasons as to why they should get bail.

The case has been postponed to March 8, where accused number five will start taking the stand after the four who already took a stand.

Ishmael Mathevula from Lusaka Village, denied knowing any of the suspects and being part of any gang activities.

“I want to go home because my kids are young and have no one to provide for them and I am not feeling well,” said Mathevula, when asked to give reasons at to why he should be given bail.

Andzani Rikhosto who is also believed to be part of the gang was arrested after his parents called him to comeback home after escaping to Johannesburg after the police started looking for him.

However it is still unclear if Rikhosto took park in the killings.

Two young men who believed to be killed by the gangsters have been laid to rest recently.

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