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Tzaneen students safe in China

They have recently returned to class and are still hopeful that they will finish in time in October.

Tzaneen students based in China say they miss home after being in quarantine for four months.

Thirteen civil engineering students from Maake TVET College went to China in October last year for a skills programme in construction. There are 300 South African students attending classes at the Yangzhou Polytechnic College in the Jiangsu province as part of a Construction Education and Training Authority initiative.

They told Herald that they are safe and well, but are homesick. Tumelo Mailula said what he loves most about China is the high standard of technology and the low cost of data. Fellow student, Katekani Thobejani also said that she is inspired by the technology, especially on construction sites.

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“The Chinese use a lot of glass in their buildings. Everything about it is advanced,” she explained.

Petronella Raphahlelo says pap is the only thing she misses, apart from her family.

“The Chinese are hardworking, friendly and they do not steal. Their civil obedience and and acceptance of authority is memorable,” Raphahlelo said.

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The South Africans have been in quarantine since February. They are not allowed to leave the school’s premises. Anything they want they buy online. Thobejana says they have adapted to the way of life in China. However, the winter was unbearable and the food is a challenge at times.

“It was great to experience snow, I will never forget it,” Thobejane added. “We thought we will die in China after the number of Covid-19 cases increased drastically during the height of the pandemic. But our school took good care of us and made sure we were safe,”concluded Raaphahlelo.

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