We beg you – please switch on your headlights!

When one considers the degree of reckless driving in this country, in conjunction with the potholed roads, this should be a serious concern for every road user.

Drivers who do not switch their headlights on after sunset, during fog or rainy conditions, are an accident waiting to happen.

Remember, even if you consider the available light enough for you to see the road in front of you, without your lights switched on, you may not be as visible as you think to oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says if the safety benefits of having your lights on all the time have not convinced you, the importance of having them on during a storm should. “Even when visibility seems minimally affected, your vision is still affected whether precipitation is mild, heavy or in between.

“Central vision is affected when your windscreen wipers seem unable to keep up with the rainfall. You will also naturally focus more on the road ahead of you in all conditions, which affects peripheral vision. Lastly, even if it feels like your headlights are not helping you, they are still helping other motorists see you,” said Herbert.

Here are some more reasons to switch on your lights:
• With your headlights on, your car’s rear lights will act as a warning for cars behind you. Many cars these days offer an extra bright red light just above the rear window.
• In rainy weather, switch on earlier rather than later.
• Use your lights on the dim setting. Often, the bright setting – especially in misty conditions – is not as effective, and besides, it may blind oncoming drivers.

And here is an important rule: “In an extremely heavy downpour, legally you should not turn emergency lights on unless you are in an emergency. Some drivers may mistake the emergency lights as a stationary vehicle and take unnecessary and potentially dangerous evasive action,” said Herbert.

It is imperative that you check your lights – front and back – regularly to ensure they work properly

“We encourage everyone to use their lights no matter the condition or to keep them switched to auto. In low-light conditions like rain, however, headlights are a non-negotiable,” said Herbert.

Source: MotorPress

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