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Calvary Methodist Church honours Madiba

MIDRAND - Former President Thabo Mbeki spoke at Nelson Mandela's memorial in Midrand on 11 December, which was hosted by the Midrand Calvary Methodist Church.

Mbeki said Mandela was undeniably one of the best leaders the world will ever see, but, South Africa’s leaders are now lagging behind.

“The struggle we face is complicated. It is difficult to see who is the enemy. Because we are dealing with a complex situation we need to raise the level of leadership. Surely we can not lower the level of leadership.”

Mbeki continued, “The apartheid legacy is still with us. Poverty continues and reconciliation is still a dream.”

Anti-apartheid activist and former commission on gender equality chair, Joyce Piliso-Seroke, spoke about her times with Madiba. She spoke of the first time she met Mandela and how he made her feel at ease. “May Mandela’s spirit rest in peace, may we take after his good teachings and examples.”

Paula Sabeya, a regular at Calvary Methodist Church, and an orientation and mobility practitioner, said the memorial was touching. “Former President Thabo Mbeki spoke very well of Madiba and reminded us of other struggle heroes who also fought for South Africa’s freedom. Sometimes we think only Mandela went to prison and others did not make sacrifices.”

Sabeya said Mbeki urged the crowd to honour Madiba’s memory by being exemplary in all they do.

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