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Sun Valley bugged by weeds

SUN VALLEY - Two weeds are threatening the open veld of Sun Valley.

Andrew Dicks of Sun Valley Residents Association issued a warning of the prevalence of them in December and said they were even more identifiable as they were flowering.

He asked residents to remove them from their properties and sidewalks before they dispersed their seeds.

He said residents had a legal responsibility to remove all Category 1 alien plants.

The plants were a bugweed, also known as solanum auriculatum, and pompom known as campuloclinum macroephalum.

“[Bugweed] is a Category 1 alien invasive from South America known for the fairly pungent smell left on your hands when you try to uproot it,” he said.

He warned residents not to leave roots behind as the bugweed would grow back.

“They need to be dug out and burned. Small plants can be effectively pulled out at the roots when the ground is wet. Thereafter one has to cut it down, burn any seeds or flowers and poison with a herbicide, Roundup being common and effective. Lace Bugs are also effective bio-controls where available,” he continued.

“Pompom is also a Category 1 invasive alien from South America and is part of the daisy family. Methods of eradicating include uprooting and burning of the plant. Another efficient method is that of herbicide – and the herbicide in this case is Access.”

He said the heads of the flowers should be cut and then the plant should be dug out and removed manually.

“Stop them pollinating or allowing maturation time for seed dispersal and they can be eradicated from the area over a few years,” he concluded.

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