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Sun Valley revamps sidewalks

SUN VALLEY - While motorists battle to navigate Sun Valley's roads after the heavy rains of the past weeks, residents have given them something to smile at.

The City Parks and the Department of Forestry sponsored trees for the suburb and thereafter the Sun Valley Residents Association launched a Sidewalk Improvement Competition to motivate residents to improve the look of the area outside their premises.

Andrew Dicks of the association said, “I would like to thank all those in Sun Valley who availed themselves to the kind offer from Johannesburg City Parks – Region A and the Department of Forestry who donated many trees to our area for the specific use of improving our sidewalks.”

Among the trees donated by City Parks are apple trees and Dicks said be hoped that they would bear fruit for horses and riders in the suburb in the coming years. He said about 600 trees were planted.

“The value-add to the aesthetics and legacy of the valley will surely be noticed over the next few years while our carbon footprint has certainly come down a notch or two,” said Dicks to the Sun Valley residents.

The sidewalks were judged and Dicks said it was not only the tree planting that was credited but those that added design to their sidewalks too.

Claudia Vrettas won the competition with Dinesh Chetty in second place. They won vouchers for Grow Wild Indigenous Plants.

Dicks said the residents association hoped to make the competition annual for residents to be motivated to continue to maintain their sidewalks.

“Thank you again to all who participated,” said Dicks.

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