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Metro welcomes 117 new officers

JOBURG – 117 Metro police recruits bask in the glory of graduation following 18 months of training at the JMPD Academy in Stafford, Johannesburg on 18 May.


A graduation event was held at the JMPD Academy in Stafford, Johannesburg to welcome 117 new Metro police officers to the force on 17 May.

The graduation ceremony comes following the successful completion of an 18-month basic Metro Police and Safety course, wherein the class of 2015/16 was required to meet the standard requirements for admission into the force.

Of the 132 applicants that were initially enrolled, 14 were withdrawn due to unsatisfactory performance while one more was withdrawn for unbecoming behaviour; leaving only 117 recruits to bask in their graduation. This brings the total number of police officers in the force to 3 417 with plans to for an additional 1 500 officers in the future.

CURTAIN RAISING: Metro police spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar, gets proceedings underway at the JMPD Academy Graduation ceremony. Photo: Tshepiso Mametela

According to Metro police spokesperson, chief superintendent Wayne Minnaar, the appointment of the new crop of officers will assist the existing force wage a more intense fight against crime. “The new officers will help the current crop of officers to reduce crime, enforce road traffic regulations and city bylaws, which will contribute to making Joburg a safer city,” said Minnaar.

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Meanwhile, Johannesburg Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba took to the podium to engage with the newly appointed officers. “It is a great honour for me to welcome our 117 graduates to the department. Your hard work, diligence and commitment over the past 18 months of training have paid off,” said Mashaba.

“Today marks the beginning of your journey as protectors of the residents of Johannesburg. The task ahead of you will not be easy. You are now the face of law and order in the City and you are expected to protect and serve our residents without bias.

“I implore you not to be tempted by bribery or get involved in any kind of practice that will compromise the oath you have taken. I have stated time and again that in the City of Johannesburg, corruption is public enemy number one. Your responsibility is to protect residents and be the standard for upholding the law, not to use your power to rob residents of their money.”

OBSERVING: Joburg Executive Mayor, Herman Mashaba and MMC for Public Safety, Michael Sun form part of the observation parade during the JMPD graduation ceremony. Photo: Tshepiso Mametela

Minnaar emphasised that any corrupt officer will be dealt with accordingly. “If there is proof that an officer has taken a bribe, they will appear before a disciplinary committee where they will be stripped of their badge and [dismissed] from service. As such, we encourage the public to report corrupt officers on the 24-hour anti-corruption hotline.”

Details: Anti-corruption hotline 080 020 3712.

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