Joburg council kicks off first meeting

JOBURG – Find out how to attend monthly council meetings.

The City of Johannesburg’s first council meeting of the year kicked off on 31 January.

As the City heads into the third quarter of the financial year, the Integrated Development Plan, and the new fiscal year‘s budget, some heavy arguments can be expected.

And you can see it all for yourself!

If you want to attend, you need to let the speaker’s office know by booking your attendance. Residents can contact the office manager, Joanne van Greunen, by sending an email.

You can attend the monthly council meeting to see what your ward councillor, the mayor, and the opposition are advocating. It is here where policies are made and where real change starts.

Last year, many changes were made within the municipality and a lot of it came as a direct result of a council decision.

First of all, council approved the reintegration of entities like Pikitup, Joburg Water and City Power, the draft Land Use Scheme was approved, sending the document that outlines new building policies to the people for consideration and the mayor survived a motion of no confidence.

Council is also a good place to interact with your ward councillor during the hour-long lunch break.

If you are interested, council meetings usually take place on the last Thursday of each month and start at 10am. Also, if you plan on staying for the duration, bring a bottle of water, snacks and your patience, because some meetings can run until midnight. There is an hour break for lunch that starts, normally, at noon or at 1pm if you want to clear your head.


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